The Abroad Institute

Exploration Anywhere

At The Abroad Institute we believe that we can make the world a friendlier, safer, happier place by encouraging curiosity through travel. The Institute’s core mission is to find ways to use travel to improve the way humans interact across social and geographical divides. People who make friends across borders help make the world a more peaceful, friendly place. The Abroad Institute was founded to make travel and cross-cultural understanding integral parts of the human learning experience.

Current Projects

The Abroad Academy

The Abroad Academy is an online course which aims to increase the number of US students studying abroad. It does this by helping students set realistic expectations for the process and believe in their own ability to make their dreams happen.

Over the course of 5-15 weeks it coaches students in the skills needed to apply for and receive scholarships or grants to travel, study, intern, work, or volunteer abroad whether they’re in high school, college, grad school, or just recently graduated.

Almost every study abroad website will tell you where to find scholarships, The Abroad Academy tells you how to get them.

The Abroad Academy is a proud partner of the Generation Study Abroad (GSA) initiative along with 200 universities and dozens of other companies, through the Institute of International Education.

Related Efforts

The Abroad Institute is affiliated with, partnered with, and in some cases just inspired by the companies below. Please check out the awesome ways they contribute to our shared mission: making meaningful student travel easy.

The Global Pro Institute

GPI is a resource for students who have already studied abroad to make the transition into international education professionals!

Project Travel & Via TRM

Via is helping simplify the interactions between students and international educators by providing just-in-time interactive software into the process of applying to study abroad. Their mission? To empower every traveler to make informed decisions.

Go Overseas

Go Overseas’ mission is to empower more people to spend meaningful time overseas. They provide student reviews and featured programs to help make it easy to choose a destination.